Monday, 4 April 2011

Trendy Summer looks

Hey gals whats up?In India its already very hot and humid.........arggghhhhhhhhhh!!

So I thought I would create 4 early summer looks :) The best outfit that looks cool in summer is a pair of denim shorts or capri  teamed with a white tee,that's my fave look for the summer which never fails to make me stand out in the crowd.

Any cool pastel shades look glam in summer,for eg a light pink top with a pair of white shorts.But  u must always remember to accessorize your attire with trendy cool accessories like pretty hair clips or hair bands,funky neck pieces and beaded  bangles along with a beautiful bag and last but not the least a nice pair of heels...

PLZ never be entirely matchy fearless and fun while creating a look for yourself.Try lots of mix and match to create a look that suits u the most.HAPPY STYLING GALS!!

These are some of my fave accessories that I used for today's 4 different summer looks,hope you like them too:)                   


  1. Cute! I've never been on a blogger's blog who's from India! Welcome to Blogger! :D

  2. Thanks! My mom and I like your blog very much :D keep it up.