Friday, 8 April 2011

Side Ponytails Are In!

Ponytails are cute and easy,we all try them:) But side ponytails are more diva-like,it transforms you instantly to a beauty queen...especially on prom nights.

Today,I wanna talk abt how wavy side ponytail hairstyle can make u look like a celeb in just a few minutes.So whenever u are looking for a quick hairdo that u can manage on your own (we are big girls now,can't depend on our moms all the time) to dramatize your look for an event,just try a side ponytail.

Here I am gonna tell you how to do it in 4 easy steps:
   1. Brush your hair a little(so it's still a bit messy)
  2. Now twist a large  strand of hair on one side (preferrably right).
  3. Now take the rest of your hair and join it with the end of the strand.Tie it in a low side pony:),securing with an elastic rubber band.
 4. Curl the end of your pony if u are not blessed with natural wavy hair.

The other day I saw a pic of my fave Ashley Tisdale with a side ponytail,she was looking so glam!I simply loved her.

Now I am gonna try it out on me:)Yeyyyyy!!

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