Friday, 2 March 2012

15 Must Have's for A Teen's bag :)

Hi friends today me gonna talk about 15 must have's for a tween/teen's bag :) 

1.wallet-to keep your cash nd credit cards! stay connected with the world 24/7
4.wet wipes is a must in my bag!
6.hand mirror
7.comb or a small hairbrush-to touch up on your hair

8.lip gloss nd lip balm
9.a small bottle of hand lotion
10.a cool pair sunglasses
11.cough drops-if u have an emergency
14.scrunchies or hair ties

Hope it helps :) plz let me know if u wanna add some other stuff which I missed!! Thanks! 
Bye friends!! :D

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter Fashion!!!!!

Sorry friends for not being able to post anything for long :( I have been busy with lot of stuff lately.Today i will give u tips on winter fashion! Winter fashion is all about the right mixture of layers and bright colours.

In winter u can flaunt the following looks
1.The Muffler look-u can sport all sorts of beautiful mufflers or scarfs or shawls wrapped around your neck in many ways,go as creative as u can!!
2.Skinny Tight look-Here the top should be loose whereas the bottom is as tight as u can take ;)
3.Blazer Look-Here u need to team up your  skinny jeans or leggings with a designer or high street blazers available in all sorts of funky colours not only limited to black,blue,white or brown!
4.Long Belted Jacket Look-Here u can flaunt your figure wearing an over sized jacket which tightens on the waist by a belt!!
Remember to take special care of your skin and hair in winter as they tend to get drier and rougher during winter to look like a diva!!

Bye Friends :) Follow me :) 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Monsoon Fashion!

Hi friends today I will write abt monsoon fashion! In monsoon fashion is very important ;) Flashy raincoats,rain boots,colourful nd floral umbrellas!!! Soo monsoon fashion is here with me Asmita :D..... Rain coats should be blue,pink,orange,light green,yellow but not red,brown,black or white plz tee hee hee!! Rain boots all colour will look gdd! Umbrellas should be veryyy bright ;)

Bye friends :D

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Taking care of Lips!

Hii friends today I will talk abt taking care your lips they r veryy sensitive!

First plz use lipblam everyday and do lip scrubbing then your lips will be soft nd subtle :) U can use Lotus lipbalm,himalaya lip balm,nivea lipbalm,vasaline lip balm or any other good lip balm in your country! Lipsticks dryy your lips soo in summer try to use lipbalms and lipglosses mostly! Maybelline lipglosses r bestt!

Bye friends!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Latest summer nail colours!!

Hii fashionistas sorryy for giving updates after a month or 2 didn't have any ideas and was busyy :( but now DivaAsmita is backk to give u updates!!

Hot nail colours for summer 2011 r blues,teals,purples,oranges,yellows,greens.magentas,silvers and greys!! Other popular summer nail colours include pale-pinks and off-whites,sparkly metalic purple or gold.....

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Trendy Accessories

Hi,I am a bigggggggggggggg FAN of gorgeous ACCESSORIES in all colors and shapes,I mostly purchase Disney Accessories!!

Disney CINDERELLA hair clips, RAPUNZEL necklace
& bracelet
These hair clips are PERFECT CHOICE for the spring*summer :D
I love wearing rings,each one in my collection is soooooooooo adorable!!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Spring-Summer Must Haves

Hi girls here I come with a MUST HAVE list for the Spring*Summer............................................................

1.Tiered Skirt- Super short or long and flowy tiered skirts very popular this season..very girly! Team them up with a well fitted tank top!!

2. Shorts- Well, can we ever manage a single summer without them???

3. Shirt Dresses- They are trendy and fun when you pair them with a bigggg tote and a pair of cute,pretty sandals!!

4. Candy colored ballet flats:)......YOU can play around with contrasts!!!!

5. Big totes..for a retro look ;)

*** Enjoyyyyyyy your summer by sipping coconut water and lots of fresh fruit juice ***