Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Winter Fashion!!!!!

Sorry friends for not being able to post anything for long :( I have been busy with lot of stuff lately.Today i will give u tips on winter fashion! Winter fashion is all about the right mixture of layers and bright colours.

In winter u can flaunt the following looks
1.The Muffler look-u can sport all sorts of beautiful mufflers or scarfs or shawls wrapped around your neck in many ways,go as creative as u can!!
2.Skinny Tight look-Here the top should be loose whereas the bottom is as tight as u can take ;)
3.Blazer Look-Here u need to team up your  skinny jeans or leggings with a designer or high street blazers available in all sorts of funky colours not only limited to black,blue,white or brown!
4.Long Belted Jacket Look-Here u can flaunt your figure wearing an over sized jacket which tightens on the waist by a belt!!
Remember to take special care of your skin and hair in winter as they tend to get drier and rougher during winter to look like a diva!!

Bye Friends :) Follow me :) 


  1. Indeed its the season to flaunt ur styles. look forward to seasonal style tips from Stylediva

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  3. when r u gonna write abt Spring Summer 2012,dear?

  4. Great pictures! What about when it's snowing or when it's really cold?