Sunday, 24 April 2011

Summer Accessories For Tween Girls!

Hi friends,soooooooo sorry to be little lazy and not updating you abt any trends in beauty + fashion :( Don't worry your Personal Stylist Diva Asmita is back to share her trendy,cool fashion tips only with YOU!

The other day I bought a few things,I am a shopaholic u c;) One is a funky pair of Sunnies,whereas my other 5 purchases are:
1. A pretty girlie ...of course Pink!!
2. A cool Hannah lunch box and a Hanna pencil pouch.
3.A gorgeous satin polka dot hand bag!
4. A Disney Princess collection jewellery set( necklace+bracelet+ring)!
5.A glam gloss,Pink Sugar which smells awesome!

Now I am dying to show my Hanna lunch box and pencil pouch to my classmates tomorrow in the school;)

Keep coming back for more updates from Diva Asmita!!! Muuaahhh:)


  1. Celeb stylish good to hav u back on ur fashion blog. Must be busy groping up the other celeb ohhh soooo...... Understandable about ur delay. keep cog bcd often otherwise the world of fashion misses the cooollll touch during this hot summer

  2. what means groping up uncle?? Thanks btw :)