Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I Love Lip Gloss

Hi! Yesterday I bought my first lip gloss,I have been telling mom to buy me one for the past few days......

Mom was reluctant at first but somehow I managed to convince her,which I always do ;)

I bought a Maybeline Water Shine EXTRA VOLUME lip gloss,which is a pretty peach shade with lots of shine.I simply loved it,it doesn't have much color which is the best part.

I am so excited about my first lip gloss! 


  1. Divas is reallyyyyyyy excited to get her first lipgloss. It looks awesmeeee on u little princesss. I guess nxt time onwards it wl b th fight betwn lipgloss brands who wins to be win th pride place on the divas lips. Reminded me abut how excited I ws to gt my first pair of denim.

  2. :D thanks uncle,I was eagerly waiting for YOUR comment :D

  3. I see,uuuu clever girl! What's on your next buying list sweetheart? Let me guess...a eyeshadow palate?