Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hair Care For Little Divas

Hi everyone,let's talk hair care today!

Remember that natural hair is hot! What we must all do is to shampoo and condition our hair regularly to keep it clean and tangle free.

Invest in a mild shampoo if you got oily hair which requires frequent washing.But if you have dry hair like mine then once or twice a week washing is enough. Never forget to rinse conditioner completely from your hair and never put it on your scalp.

Eat lots of fresh fruits,almonds and drink plenty of water.Brush your hair everyday.Braid it at night if you got long hair like mine.

1. Never share your combs and hair brushes with anyone.
2.  We don't need any hair styling products or blow drying or coloring:)


  1. I am sure the next Dove commercial wil feature Diva as the model. So much knowledge on haircare nd the grad flow of dark strands on uuuu...... Cnt ask for more. One small request hair specialist. Next blog should have tips for those whom we calld bald:) :) aftr all they too have smtg to tke care off. Looking forward to the column on that Diva specialist

  2. uncle Ani u are so funny :D :D